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From Our Bookshelf: What We’re Reading

First of all, Libraries are wonderful! My wife visits our local branch nearly every week. For this blog post, Allison offers her favorite home-buying and home-nesting page-turning picks:

Keep Calm: It’s Just Real Estate by E. Sherrod. When the book cover proclaims it’s “a no-stress guide to buying a home” that is exactly what you get! Ms. Sherrod is a licensed real estate agent, and knows the business of helping people make strategic and sound home-buying decisions. Its simple-to-follow, compelling and relatable information are all separated into easy-to-digest chapters. While the home-buying process can be filled with emotions and decisions, this book makes the journey a little lighter, and more fun! Knowledge is power, and this book will definitely energize any reader who wants to make sound real estate decisions. Offering a helpful glossary, readers will learn in plain language common real estate terms such as PITI, appraisals, equity, and more. Also sprinkled throughout the book are “chill pills”: little truths of real estate to not stress over!

What I liked best about this book were the real-life examples the author shared: the good, bad, and ugly about real estate transactions. Tough love, reality checks, and speed are what every home buyer needs from their agent.

Some of my favorite common sense take-aways:

* Get Pre-Approved for a loan, before you start house-hunting. It saves you time, by only looking at houses that you can afford. It also saves you from disappointment, in case you fall for a house, that will not work for your budget. When you do find the house of your dreams, you will be ready to make an offer quickly.

* Don’t rule out a house just because you can’t imagine how a table or bed will fit in a particular space; instead, look long-term. It’s always easier (and less expensive!) to get other furniture, than to regret missing out on a great house.

* Home inspections are essential, even on new construction or established home! Yes, you should attend the home inspection. And no, the home inspector should not be a relative or friend. You want a licensed and impartial inspector who will give you an honest and accurate assessment of this large purchase. You might fall in love with the high-end fixtures like granite and hardwood floors, but if the house is not structurally sound, your dream house could become a nightmare down the road.

I would definitely recommend this book to any first-time homebuyers, or anyone who has been out of the market for a while, and needs a refresher course.

Bonus book review! Magnolia Table by J. Gaines. We are long-time fans of that little Fixer Upper show, and I have read all of the books penned by the Gaines dynamic duo. This one focuses exclusively on bringing family and friends around the table, with some comforting and filling mealtime recipes. There is no shortage of beautiful photography… or butter! Throughout the book, Joanna shares her evolving cooking skills from baking pastries with her Grandfather, to her first homemade meal of spaghetti with Chip, to their growing family of kiddos. She generously shares several of her family’s favorite recipes, and offers time-saving tips throughout. This is a gorgeous book; you will be delighted by it.

Posted on July 31, 2018 at 10:00 am by Wes Sawyers

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